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Change History for Family Book Creator on macOS

This page lists the latest changes and enhancements of the macOS version of Family Book Creator. There is also a Windows version.

Family Book Creator is continuously being enhanced with new features and improvements to existing features. You may find information about how to use those changes here as well.

Build 744

  • Fixed: In some rare cases, if individuals share an ancestor, a null pointer exception occurred. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Fixed: An issue (Unexpected part type exception) while updating all fields has now been fixed.
  • Enhancement: The integrated help system and the User Guide in PDF file format are now up to date and cover the latest product changes and enhancements up to Build 744 of Family Book Creator 2019 on macOS.
  • Enhancement: Family Book Creator does now support media files with special characters (like / ? < > \ * | " ) in filenames.
  • Fixed: Individuals with unknown given names are not always properly shown in the index of individuals. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Fixed: If the option 'Include details about children' is cleared the related controls are not always disabled as expected. This issue has now been fixed.

Build 739