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Do you also have a macOS version of Family Book Creator?

Sorry, but right now Family Book Creator is only available for Family Tree Maker on Windows. A version for macOS is under development, but I’m not going to provide an estimated release date.

I’m not able to provide a timeline yet. Everything seem to take forever... and time is running fast... Anyhow, the results I’m getting from the macOS edition are already very promising…

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Workarounds: You may use Windows OS in a virtual machine on your intel-based Mac.

  • Parallels Desktop
    Family Book Creator on Windows supports Parallels Desktop for Mac (https://www.parallels.com/): If you are running Family Book Creator inside Parallels Desktop for Mac (http://www.parallels.com/) and have Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 (or later) installed on your Mac it is possible to open the created RTF or DOCX document automatically inside Word on your Mac. Note: This requires that you save the document in a folder that is shared between Mac OS X and your virtual machine. This means that you do not need to have an additional Word license inside the Windows System, but still Windows is required.

  • VMware Fusion
    You may use VMware Fusion (https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion.html) as well to run Family Book Creator on a Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac system. (Note: I'm using VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro to run all the Windows applications that I need, but I know that’s something that a macOS user may not want to do...)