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Will Family Book Creator be compatible with Family Tree Maker 2019?

Family Book Creator 2017

The plan is right now to release a free update for Family Book Creator 2017 on Windows soon. This free update is going to be a free maintenance release and includes multiple improvements and fixes and makes the product compatible with Family Tree Maker 2019 on Windows as well. This means after the update/installer package has been released, you need to download the fresh update/installer package for Family Book Creator 2017 and reinstall the product to integrate Family Book Creator 2017 into Family Tree Maker 2019 as well. (Some more details are already available in the Change History document at https://www.familybookcreator.com/en/menu-support-en/change-history)

Family Book Creator 2019

There is also going to be a new major release of Family Book Creator on Windows. This new major release is going to be called "Family Book Creator 2019", is going to have some great new features and the look and feel of the product is going to be enhanced as well. This upgrade works with Family Tree Maker 2017 and Family Tree Maker 2019 on Windows and is going to be free for all Family Book Creator users who bought their license in 2019. All other Family Book Creator users are entitled to get the upgrade for a small upgrade fee. I’m going to provide additional information in the FAQs at https://www.familybookcreator.com/en/menu-support-en/menu-faq-en soon after the product is going to be available.

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