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In case you see PLEASE REGISTER or EVALUATION VERSION as watermark on the background this means, that you are using the Trial Edition of Family Book Creator right now (You find information about the Trial limitations on top of the Order page). In case you purchased a license already you need to make sure that you copy and paste the information shown inside your licensing information exactly as provided into the required fields.

You need to enter the licensing information exactly as listed. If you have entered a different name into the name field the serial number will not work. Please use copy and paste to paste the serial number exactly as provided.

Please follow these steps to activate your copy of Family Book Creator:

  • When the "Welcome" dialog is displayed, click “Enter Existing Key”
  • Enter your name into the Name field and copy and paste the serial number exactly as provided to you into the Serial Number field, found on the About Tab, to unlock your Family Book Creator installation.
    After you have done so, the status line at the bottom of the dialog should show that the plugin is licensed and the trial limitations are gone.

Note: Valid Family Book Creator serial numbers are 21-characters or 30-characters in length and contain both letters and numbers. You need to enter the dash characters as well. Letters need to be entered in upper case. The serial number does never contain the upper case letter 'O'. If it looks alike it is always the number zero.
The following formats for serial numbers are in use: