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How do I get Program Updates?

Family Book Creator has a built-in feature to automatically search for program updates. Program updates may contain new features that add functionality to Family Book Creator, as well as improvements and fixes that enhance the performance and stability of the plug-in. (A list of changes can be found online in the Change History.)

Family Book Creator checks on start-up for new versions of the plug-in. When a new version is found the user will be notified about the availability of a new version once a day. The update does not get downloaded and installed automatically. To perform the update you need to manual download and install the installation package.

If you answer the question "Would you like to visit the Family Book Creator website now?" By clicking on "Yes", it automatically opens the Family Book Creator download area. You can then download the new installer package for the update. Infomation about the upgrade procedure to Family Book Creator 2019 can be found here: How do I upgrade from a previous version to Family Book Creator 2019?

You can find the appropriate link to the download area here as well: FBC Download Area.

The current version of Family Book Creator on Windows is Build 1700. This is a free maintenance update for existing users. There are multiple improvements and fixes in this release. The full list of changes is available at https://www.familybookcreator.com/en/menu-support-en/change-history

The current version of Family Book Creator 2019 on macOS is Build 810. The full list of changes is available at https://www.familybookcreator.com/en/menu-support-en/change-history/209-support-en-changes-macos

The installation packages can be used for the first initial installation or to update an existing Family Book Creator installation. Updates are always cumulative. This means that it is sufficient to download and install just the latest available installation package. Your installation will be updated to the newest version completely independent of the version you have used before.

For installation, you must be logged in as Administrator on your system. Please close Family Tree Maker and then start the installation program by double-clicking on the installation archive (for example FamilyBookCreator2017_23.14.343.1700_en.exe). If the User Account Control is enabled, confirm the prompt to start the Setup Wizard.

Follow the instructions of the individual update steps given by the installation or update wizard.

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