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Why are my notes not listed?

I have many pages of notes attached to this person and others but they are not inside the generated book. Why?

Family Tree Maker uses a lot of different places to store notes and Family Book Creator allows you to decide on a fine-grained level which notes are going to be included in your book document and which should not be included. You need to know the type of note that is missing and then select this type to be included.

This needs to be done for notes attached to facts and individuals inside the ”Primary“, ”Partner“ and ”Children“ tab pages found on the “Items to include” panel , because Family Book Creator allows you to use different setting for different paragraphs of your family sections inside the book document.

Inside the “Photo Album” tab page it’s possible to specify if you would like to include notes attached to media elements. The “Items to include” panel can be found inside the “Book Items”, “Main part” tabulator page as shown below.

Notes attached to individuals

FTM allows storing notes attached to individuals inside the Person panel. They are called Person Notes and Research Notes. Please specify to include or exclude them inside the ”Primary“, ”Partner“ and ”Children“ tab pages.

Notes attached to facts

Also it is possible to store notes attached to individual facts. They are found inside the Individual & Shared Facts panel of FTM and are called Fact Notes. Inside Family Book Creator you need to select first the fact type by selecting it from the fact type selection list. After a fact type has been selected it is possible to specify the options for the currently selected fact type.

Notes attached to media items

It is possible to store notes for media items inside FTM as well. They are found inside the media detail view of the media workspace. They are called Media Notes.