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Does the plug-in work together with OpenOffice Writer?

The Family Book Creator plugin creates a RTF document which includes TOC entries, index entries, footnotes and hyperlinks as RTF controls based on the descendants or ancestors of the selected person when you start the plugin. The pages by default are formatted to be printed double sided to be bound as a book. Unfortunately, different word-processing systems interpret the Rich Text Format (RTF) differently, so currently not all word processors can not be used and also not all features of Family Book Creator are supported with every word processors.

The options in the document area (Preferences, General) allow to specify which application (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer) might be used to open and paginate the RTF-Document and/or if the document should be opened by default after it has been generated. The RTF-Document created is in each case adjusted for the currently selected word processing system. If Microsoft Word is installed on the system Microsoft Word is always used as default application to open the document.

OpenOffice Writer is supported, but it’s not possible to generate a Place Index and also no wedding picture is included in the middle of family charts. Additionally it is not possible to include colors assigned to individuals in the Index of Individuals as well, because OpenOffice does not support using different colors together with index entries.

All features are available in case you create documents in PDF file format directly from Family Book Creator even without having Microsoft Word or a PDF creator application (like Adobe Acrobat) installed. I recommend using the free trial edition to find out if the product fits to your needs.

Sorry, but the plugin does not work together with LibreOffice.